The Cities DTS engage locally - impact globally

You want to be at the heart of it all - experiencing different cultures, the arts (theaters, music, dance, museums), parks and lakes, coffee shops and ethnic restaurants. 


You want to make a real be there - listening to a homeless woman's story, sharing Jesus with a university student who's had no opportunity to hear about Him in his own country, feeding the hungry, learning first-hand about human trafficking and social justice issues and so much more.

Weekly, with the city as our classroom, you will engage in life and ministry in the city - growing in your relationship with God, others, and gaining understanding of the social issues people face in the world around us. In Minneapolis:   

  • Over 120 different languages are spoken.
  • Dozens of coffee shops in which to relax or engage in conversation with a new friend.
  • 1 in every 4 people in the state of Minnesota is an immigrant.
  • Minneapolis is home to the largest Somali population outside of Somalia as well as the largest urban Native American population.
  • Visiting the Somali Mall or the Hmong Market you can experience a camel burger or boba (bubble) tea without leaving the city.
  • If social issues are your passion, you can make a difference as the Phillips neighborhood has the highest level of poverty in the state.
  • With 30 theater venues, more than 10 dance companies, 30 classical music groups, nearly 60 museums, weekly festivals, and open mic nights, you can experience the arts on a local, national, and international scale.
  • Known as "The City of Lakes," you will enjoy the natural beauty of Minneapolis with its 22 lakes within its city limits.



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