Les Cayes, Haiti

Location: Caribbean

Population: 10,485,800 (July, 2016 est.)

Language: French (official), Creole (official)

Religion: Roman Catholic (official) 54.7%

 Protestant >28.5%

Voodoo (official) > 2.1%



We work with a ministry called Accolade for Saving Lives in Les Cayes, Haiti which strives to disciple young boys and keep families together. Participants are boys ages 11 - 17 years old who were previously living in the streets of Les Cayes. Through programming at Accolade for Saving Lives they are now back in their homes, attending school, learning bible truths, participating in church and praise and worship. Accolade for Saving Lives does not focus only on the boys, but is a wholistic family program. Moms who showed little confidence and thought themselves unworthy are now participating in empowering employment opportunities, group bible study, monthly parent meetings, and visioning for the organization. It is pure joy to see the growth of community among an incredibly "broken" group of people. 



There are many opportunities for your group to partner in ministering to the former street boys, their families and within the community. A few things that your group could do are:

*Running a Vacation Bible School with the local church

*Leading a Bible Study for teens and adults

*Praise and Worship Training for the local church

*Training Accolade for Saving Lives staff in understanding the bible, classroom teaching skills, and the psychology of trauma and adolescents

*Teaching Music to the Accolade for Saving Lives boys (guitar, keyboard, drums)

*Working together with the Accolade for Saving Lives boys to do Community Development Projects

*Helping Accolade for Saving Lives in their Employment Opportunity Programs of Peanut Butter production and Food Preservation

*Partnering with local Haitians and the Accolade for Saving Lives boys in preparing and constructing on the new land that Accolade for Saving Lives has been blessed with.


Accolade for Saving Lives is also open to your group’s specific skill set and interests so let’s talk about how your group can partner together with Accolade for Saving Lives to share God’s love for the people of Haiti!

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