Yucatan, Mexico

North America
1,945,840 (2010 est.)
Spanish, Mayan
Roman Catholic


Centuries before the arrival of the Spanish, the Yucatan Peninsula was the heart of the great Mayan civilization. Today, Mayan traditions continue in small villages throughout the Yucatan. Families live in thatched huts, women still wear the traditional "huiplies" and Mayan is the language of preference. But the Yucatan today is also a world of contrasts. On the west coast of the peninsula, Cancun is one of the world's primary tourist destinations. On the east coast, the city of Merida maintains its colonial flavor even as it emerges to be a major metropolis.

Outreach Opportunities

Our Mission Adventures outreaches focus on impoverished areas outside the city of Merida, and small Mayan villages within 2 hours of the city. We've been working with churches in this region for over 20 years. Teams work alongside our partner churches in children's ministry, evangelism, construction and community development. Teams have the option of taking day excursions to the nearby Mayan ruins, or Yucatan beaches.

Safety in the Yucatan

In certain areas of Mexico, particularly the northern border, safety has become a concern for travelers. The city of Merida is over 1000 miles away from the closest 'troubled' areas. Tourists continue to pour into the Yucatan by the tens-of-thousands every month, and the area remains a safe place for travel and outreach.

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