Western South America
29,180,899 (July 2008 est.)
Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara, and a large number of minor Amazonian languages
Roman Catholic 81%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.4%, other Christian 0.7%, other 0.6%, unspecified or none 16.3%
Nuevo Sol


In August of 2007, an 8.0 earthquake shook the central coast of Peru. 40,000 homes were destroyed. An estimated 120,000 people were left homeless. Since that time, there has been great progress made in the reconstruction efforts, but many families still remain in poorly constructed shacks with limited access to water and hygienic services. In this time of crisis many evangelical churches and organizations have been providing relief services by helping to rebuild homes. A spiritual awakening is occurring and people are now open to the gospel more than ever before.

Outreach Opportunities

YWAM Minneapolis has developed a close working relationship with El Shaddai Community Church, located in the city of Ica. This church has overseen the rebuilding of thousands of homes in the Ica region; helping families in areas of practical need and proclaiming the love and comfort of Jesus Christ. Your group will have the opportunity to continue in the reconstruction efforts. This year, our teams will also have the chance to help build a new facility for El Shaddai. Other ministry will include street evangelism (dance/drama/testimony) and children’s programs. After a hard week of work, go sand surfing, take a dune-buggy ride, or simply relax at an oasis in the desert.


YWAM Minneapolis has sent over 20 teams teams to Perú. The first being in 2005, when YWAM Minneapolis started the Amazon DTS, and has returned to the Amazon four other times with the most recent one being January 2011. We have partnered with YWAM Iquitos and have worked in the city of Iquitos doing street evangelism, church ministry, and mercy ministry, but also going out into the villages in the Jungle on tributary rivers to the Amazon River. In 2007 we sent the first of two teams to Ica, and the surrounding region, to help with Earthquake relief after the major earthquake that happened in August of 2007. YWAM Minneapolis helped raise money for food distribution and reconstruction of houses, along with performing street evangelism, church ministry and children's ministry.

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