Short-Term Outreaches Making a Long-Term Difference

Bring your group on a short-term outreach with Mission Adventures. Your team will gain valuable skills, experience and confidence--and they will help change lives in the process. Mission Adventures coordinates short-term outreaches for groups that want to make a difference in the world. Whether it be a church youth group, a school club, a family, or an athletic team-- our trips are well-organized, cost effective, and life-changing.

  • Mission Adventures: Trip Preparation
    A typical adventure will include a three-day training camp at our YWAM Minneapolis center, followed by a seven to ten-day cross-cultural outreach. You won’t go unprepared. Our experienced missionaries will work with you and your team to equip you with the tools that you need to communicate the Gospel across cultures. We will train your hands with practical skills, and prepare your hearts for all that God intends to do in and through your group.
  • Mission Adventures: Maintenance Free
    We call it “Full Service Missions.” We’ll take care of the details of your mission trip so that you can focus on your team. Our trained staff cover all the bases—food, housing, transportation, ministry planning, translators and supplies. You can actually be a pastor instead of an administrator. You show up with your team, we’ll handle the rest.
  • Mission Adventures: Spiritual Growth
    Your youth will grow as they serve others, learning the value of hard work, sacrifice and giving. Jesus teaches us that when we lose ourselves for His sake, that’s when we really find out who we are.
  • Pre-trip Training
    Our vision for every young person is that the Mission Adventures experience would be a time of personal transformation. Its not only about what God does through them, but also what God does in them. Before your outreach begins, we give your group the opportunity to participate in a three-day training session. The purpose of this training is two-fold: 1) Preparation of the heart, 2) Preparation of the hands. The 'heart preparation' gives each young person the opportunity to focus and reflect on his or her personal relationship with Christ. Through worship, drama, Biblical teaching, prayer sessions and team activities--your team will be challenged to go deeper. Our 'hands preparation' is about giving your team the practical tools they will need to share Christ effectively. We'll train your group in games, dramas, crafts, basic construction skills-- and we give them a basic orientation on cross-cultural ministry. In our 50 year history, YWAM has distinguished itself by the impact of its outreaches, and the quality of our discipleship. In our Mission Adventures training sessions, we pack the best of what we have into a three-day experience that will change the lives of your youth.
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