Biblical Studies for Discipleship April 9 - June 28, 2018

You've done your DTS and now you've got a passion to know God more.  There is no better way to know His character, His ways, and His voice than to dive into His Word. Yet, sometimes the Bible can be confusing and mysterious!  The BSD will give you the tools to unlock the mysteries of the Bible and discover just how much God longs to reveal Himself to all those who seek Him. The BSD will train you to study whole books of the Bible in their historical context so you can practically apply the timeless truths to life and ministry today. 

The BSD will include:

  • In-depth ‘how-to’ study each biblical genre (i.e., historical books, law, prophets, gospels, etc.)
  • Jewish history and culture
  • Biblical Apologetics (i.e., growing confident in what you believe)
  • Application of ancient texts to modern Western culture
  • Teaching the Bible to others (i.e., developing messages and sermons)
  • Times of worship, processing and application



While optional, a practical field assignment is highly encouraged. You will research and develop your own outreach plan. An internship with a church or YWAM ministry is recommended so that you can exercise your growing biblical studies and discipleship skills. Your school leaders will help you work through the options.

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